lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

Women’secret and Dexeus Mujer, united in the fight against breast cancer

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Women'secret and Dexeus Mujer have unveiled the novelties in their line of lingerie and swimwear Post-Surgery Bras (PSB) under the slogan “COSAS QUE SÍ IMPORTAN”, addressed to women who fight against breast cancer.

The press conference was attended by the General Director of Women'secret, Eva Romeo and Dr. Pedro N. Barri, president of Dexeus Mujer, and Dr. Rafael Fábregas, consultant of Oncological Gynecology and Mastology of Dexeus Mujer. Belén Canalejo, influencer of fashion and lifestyle who wanted to support this project, also participated.

Eva Romeo explained that "the goal of the campaign “COSAS QUE SÍ IMPORTAN” is to contribute to normalize the disease and improve the day-to-day of women who have gone through this process." In addition, she stated that "all the benefits that will be obtained from the sale of the PSB collection will be used to offer free treatment of fertility preservation to women with cancer through the preservation program of the Dexeus Mujer Foundation".

On the collaboration with Dexeus, Eva has assured that "it began four years ago, but this campaign is a new step in the commitment of Women'secret with women". She also wanted to emphasize that "the mission of Women'secret is to accompany women during all the stages of their lives. One in eight women are at risk of breast cancer, so we could not turn our backs on them."

Finally, Eva wanted to thank Belén for her involvement in the project: "We are infinitely grateful that Belén is helping us share the initiative. She is a perfect Women'secret ambassador; professional, confident and courageous. In this case, very brave."

Dr. Barri stressed that the goal of “COSAS QUE SÍ IMPORTAN” is "to offer women affected by this disease a set of facilities that contribute to improve their quality of life and personal well-being." For this reason, he wanted to emphasize that "this is an accompanying project. It is very important that the medical sector, cancer patients and society in general know about the existence of this product of Women'secret, which offers both the medical and the aesthetic aspect.”

In turn, Dr. Fàbregas explained that "for a few years now, the treatment of breast cancer is not only based on the cure of the disease, but on understanding the patient, knowing their priorities and helping them to comply with their objectives". He also noted that "the average pregnancy age of the current woman is 30 years, and that breast cancer is increasingly detected in younger women. For this reason, Women'secret has wanted to contribute in solidarity with the project of free fertility preservation in oncology patients of the Dexeus Mujer Foundation".

Belén Canalejo, who has recently overcome breast cancer, stressed that "the Women'secret Post-Surgery Bras product line solves a real problem. I feel deeply identified, because when I went through cancer treatment I did not have access to any product like this." The influencer has expressed "I am very excited to be part of this project and contribute together with Women'secret and Dexeus Mujer to normalize this disease."

To end the conference, Women'secret and Dexeus Mujer have presented a video that shows the personal testimony of four young patients who have already overcome the disease.

In the video, the young women explain their experience and put in value the importance of having a swimsuit or underwear adapted to their needs, with which they can feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy.

Women’secret is part of Grupo Cortefiel, a leading brand in the global fashion sector.
As a specialist female brand, Women’secret is the leading underwear, sleepwear and swimwear brand of 25-45 year old women who want to feel “Beautiful, Comfortable and Sexy” all day, every day and in every occasion. It was created in 1993 with the ambition of becoming the leader and gold standard in the corsetry and lingerie sector. In 2001 it began its international expansion and today is present in over 70 countries with more than 700 points of sale. During the current financial year, Women’secret plans to open around 80 new points of sale around the world.

Dexeus Mujer is an international reference center in the area of obstetrics, gynecology and reproduction medicine. For more than 40 years, its objective is to take care of women's health in all stages of her life and to provide comprehensive care.
Therefore, its facilities, integrated in the complex of the Dexeus University Hospital - Grupo Quirón Salud of Barcelona, have been designed to provide a more personalized, fast and comfortable attention, thanks to an integrated circuit in which diagnoses, treatments, consultations and interventions are centralized. Dexeus Mujer, led by Dr. Pedro N. Barri, has more than 60 doctors and has become one of the most important centers in Europe dedicated exclusively to women's health.