miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

FITUR 2011: MEDIATOOLStv offers quality online, video and broadcast distribution during FITUR.

MADRID IS USER FRIENDLY AND MEDIATOOLStv are offering quality online, video and broadcast distribution during FITUR.

Now with html5- check it out on your smartphone: http://www.mediatoolsnet.com/

The 31st edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR, organized by IFEMA is being held in Madrid from the 19th to 23rd of January in Madrid.

MEDIATOOLStv and MADRIDISUSERFRIENDLY are offering a comprehensive service of filming, editing, and online broadcast distribution during your presence at FITUR, at a reasonable price, in Spanish and English.

A simple package which includes filming, edit of an online video, approximately 3 minutes b-roll in broadcast quality and personalized online distribution platform start at 900€ +iva. In English and in Spanish.

Your content will online for worldwide distribution within three hours of filming and will remain for two months.

MEDIATOOLStv is Spain’s expert for broadcast and online video. We are a TV, Internet Communications Company located in Madrid, Spain. We produce and distribute VNRs and videos for Internet and Television, as well as for Corporate, PR, Marketing and Audiovisual Media relations firms.

MEDIATOOLStv offers online distribution, (http://www.mediatoolsnet.com/index.html), your press package online worldwide and download free of charge. Your content is accessible world wide with a simple click. It includes your press notes, photographs and video.

MEDIATOOLStv offers an integrated service to achieve greater public presence and penetration in the global and local Spanish markets.

MEDIATOOLStv is a local company with global knowledge. MADRID IS USER FRIENDLY is our platform to reach out to all the English speakers who come to Madrid.

Both the MUF and MEDIATOOLStv blogs, twitter, FACEBOOK, Youtubes will be at your service for the distribution of press notes, online video and news during FITUR.

Email us at:

call Lucrecia at +34915627854/ 34 629421926