martes, 6 de octubre de 2015

Women’secret introduces Elsa Pataky as the singer behind their first ever video clip


Elsa is transformed into a rock star who cannot fail to move each and every one of us.

Women’secret introduced Elsa Pataky as the star, for the second time, of their new campaign.

As part of an on going commitment to innovation in their campaigns, Women’secret has chosen to present their Limited Edition collection with a video clip directed by Paula Ortiz.

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Jaume Miquel, General Manager of Women’secret, who attended alongside Elsa Pataky and Paula Ortiz, unveiled the project and announced the November release.

"We like to take risks and innovate. Last year, we took a chance on the fashion film and this year we are trying out a very different format: the video clip,’’ said Jaume Miquel. Jaume thanked Elsa for her support and involvement with the brand for another year. "We chose Elsa again because it felt very comfortable: Not only is she a woman, she is a great professional and very easy to work with," he explained. He also revealed "the song is an 80’s hit sung by women and, from the start, we knew that Elsa was the perfect person to perform it". He also acknowledged Paula Ortiz’s huge contribution and professional commitment in working with Women’secret once again, also mentioning her last film “La Novia” presented at the San Sebastián Festival.

The actress and model Elsa Pataky, who makes her music debut alongside Women’secret, said "I love a challenge and, if it’s frightening, I relish it even more. When Women'secret approached me with this project, I initially panicked because I am not a singer, but I accepted it without hesitation as professional challenge. I imagined putting myself in the shoes of a rock star and I loved it. Honestly, I am very excited about it." In the video clip Elsa transforms into a rock star, revealing her seductive, sensual side as well as her sexy side. Laughing, Elsa confessed "Even though my voice is ready, I have not dared to sing in front of my husband". Elsa Pataky is passionate about lingerie and said that "Women'secret is a brand that is taking more and more risks, with more sensual and elegant garments for everyday wear". She feels very at home with the brand and, in particular, with the new ‘I feel Sexy’ campaign because, she explained, "when you have children it is more of a challenge to feel sexy because you do not have time to do your hair, your makeup, to even look in the mirror... And I believe it is very important to take time to feel sexy."

When talking about her collaboration with Women’secret for the second consecutive year, Elsa said “I am very pleased to work with Women’secret again on such an interesting and fun project. I also get to work again with Paula who is already like family to me; it is wonderful to work with people you already know”.

In the video clip, which represents the world of the Women’secret woman, Paula Ortiz focuses on the sexy side of the brand, explaining that "my passion is telling stories using imagery and making this video clip is a huge challenge because it allows me to indulge in the beauty of the images".

Elsa wore the long sleeved plumetti black body with guipure from Women’secret’s Limited Edition collection with a bracelet and earrings from Market Place New York.


Photography: Bernabé Cordón

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